Pet Mod ReGeneration [Slate 9: Raticate, Kangaskhan, Farfetch’d]


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Approved by the Pet Mods mods

Looking at some of the new Pokemon, the stuff they bring to the meta are quite insane: Gholdengo's Good as Gold, Maushold's Population Bomb, and almost every new signature introduced! What if Kanto Pokemon were given this treatment? In this Pet Mod, we will redesign the competitive functions of the Kantonian Pokemon after a Paldean counterpart.

  • Every slate, 3 or 4 Kanto Pokemon are chosen with Paldean counterparts for each
  • Every Kanto Pokemon will have a ruleset on what its signatures can be based on its counterpart; this affects typing and the overall viability of the move or ability
  • One submission per Kanto Pokemon will be added per slate by normal voting rules
  • Anything about the Kanto Pokemon can be changed (except in the case of starters and other special Pokemon)! However, you must still keep in mind the flavor of the original Pokemon when both making the signature and adjusting everything else about the Pokemon
  • If a Gen 9 signature is slated, you may just give the Kanto Pokemon the signature unchanged (ex. Giving Charizard Torch Song)
  • You may NOT use signature abilities from Gen 9 that are not slated (ex. Giving Charizard Flower Trick along with whatever other signature)
  • If the Kanto and Paldea Pokemon have a different length of evolutionary line (ex. Slowbro and Tatsugiri), you may use any member of the evolution family
  • Designing the pre-evolutions are optional. If you do not do it, the council will
Submissions for a single Pokemon might look like:

:skeledirge: ---> :Charizard:
  • Must have exactly ONE Fire-type custom move (about as strong as Fire Lash, Apple Acid)
  • Must be a Fire-type
  • Must have Blaze as its primary ability

Pokemon: Charizard
Counterpart: Skeledirge

Ability: Blaze / Technician
Stats: 113 / 99 / 68 / 119 / 75 / 60
Movepool Adjustments:
+Defog, Draco Meteor, Scale Shot, U-turn

Roaring Rampage |
| Physical | 60 | 100 | 16 | Raises Attack by 2, lowers Speed by 1.


A ruleset for multiple Pokemon might look like:

:armarouge::ceruledge: --->:flareon::vaporeon::jolteon:
  • All Pokemon must share ONE type
  • All Pokemon must have all the same abilities
  • All Pokemon must have ONE signature move EACH that is of the shared type (about as strong as Close Combat, Oblivion Wing)

Battle Format:
  • Gen 9 NatDex, Kanto Pokemon ONLY
  • No Megas, Z-moves, Dynamax (Please note how Terastalization is legal!)
  • BANS: Mewtwo
:Bulbasaur::Ivysaur::Venusaur::Charmander::Charmeleon::Charizard::Squirtle::Wartortle::Blastoise::Caterpie::Metapod::Butterfree::Weedle::Kakuna::Beedrill::Pidgey::Pidgeotto::Pidgeot::Rattata::Raticate::Spearow::Fearow::Ekans::Arbok::Pikachu::Raichu::Sandshrew::Sandslash::Nidoran-m::Nidorina::Nidoqueen::Nidoran-f::Nidorino::Nidoking::Clefairy::Clefable::Vulpix::Ninetales::Jigglypuff::Wigglytuff::Zubat::Golbat::Oddish::Gloom::Vileplume::Paras::Parasect::Venonat::Venomoth::Diglett::Dugtrio::Meowth::Persian::Psyduck::Golduck::Mankey::Primeape::Growlithe::Arcanine::Poliwag::Poliwhirl::Poliwrath::Abra::Kadabra::Alakazam::Machop::Machoke::Machamp::Bellsprout::Weepinbell::Victreebel::Tentacool::Tentacruel::Geodude::Graveler::Golem::Ponyta::Rapidash::Slowpoke::Slowbro::Magnemite::Magneton::Farfetch’d::Doduo::Dodrio::Seel::Dewgong::Grimer::Muk::Shellder::Cloyster::Gastly::Haunter::Gengar::Onix::Drowzee::Hypno::Krabby::Kingler::Voltorb::Electrode::Exeggcute::Exeggutor::Cubone::Marowak::Hitmonlee::Hitmonchan::Lickitung::Koffing::Weezing::Rhyhorn::Rhydon::Chansey::Tangela::Kangaskhan::Horsea::Seadra::Goldeen::Seaking::Staryu::Starmie::Mr. Mime::Scyther::Jynx::Electabuzz::Magmar::Pinsir::Tauros::Magikarp::Gyarados::Lapras::Ditto::Eevee::Vaporeon::Jolteon::Flareon::Porygon::Omanyte::Omastar::Kabuto::Kabutops::Aerodactyl::Snorlax::Articuno::Zapdos::Moltres::Dratini::Dragonair::Dragonite::Mewtwo::Mew:

NOTE: Golbat, Primeape, Onix, Lickitung, Rhydon, Chansey, Tangela, Seadra, Scyther, Electabuzz, Magmar, and Porygon will NOT be compatible with Eviolite.
Here's a list of all the counterparts that will be slated. Thanks for all the help with this, Pet Mods people!
:meowscarada: ---> :venusaur:
:skeledirge: ---> :Charizard:
:quaquaval: ---> :Blastoise:
:oinkologne: :oinkologne-f:---> :nidoking::nidoqueen:
:spidops: --->:butterfree:
:lokix: --->:beedrill:
:rabsca: ---> :venomoth:
:houndstone: ---> :marowak:
:espathra: --->:hypno:
:dondozo: ---> :cloyster:
:maushold: --> :raticate:(:kangaskhan:?)
:veluza: ---> :mr.-mime:/:jynx:
:palafin: ---> :gyarados:
:arboliva: ---> :vileplume:/:victreebel:
:scovillain: ---> :exeggutor:
:bellibolt: ---> :electrode:
:revavroom: ---> :weezing:
:orthworm: ---> :snorlax:
:cetitan: ---> :dewgong:
:baxcalibur: ---> :Dragonite:
:tatsugiri: ---> :slowbro:
:cyclizar: --->:lapras:
:pawmot: ---> :raichu:
:kilowattrel: --->:pidgeot:
:bombirdier: ---> :dodrio:
:squawkabilly: ---> :farfetchd:
:flamigo: --->:fearow:
:klawf: ---> :onix:
:garganacl: ---> :golem:
:glimmora: ---> :golbat:
:grafaiai: ---> :arbok:
:dachsbun: --->:wigglytuff:
:mabosstiff: ---> :rhydon:
:brambleghast: ---> :tangela:
:gholdengo: ---> :gengar:
:tinkaton: ---> :clefable:
:armarouge::ceruledge: --->:flareon::vaporeon::jolteon:
:chien-pao::ting-lu::chi-yu::wo-chien: ---> :articuno::zapdos::moltres:
:wugtrio: ---> :dugtrio:
:toedscruel: ---> :tentacruel:

:flareon: MegaFlareon
:charizard:LOrd Fernado
:wartortle:honorary thread title changer
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Before starting Slate 1, we're gonna run some test games for the base format as described above*. Tomorrow and Sunday, (3/18 and 3/19) at 7:00 PM GMT, I will ask mods to run a roomtour in the Pet Mods room on main Showdown (NOT Dragon Heaven). If this time is inconvenient for a majority of those interested, I am willing to move it, just let me know in the Pet Mods Discord (not in the thread please).

The winner of each tournament will each receive 2** bonus votes on each of their submissions in the first slate, so be there or be at a significant disadvantage! Hope to see you there!

*Due to the limitations of roomtours, Eviolite will be banned in addition to the above ruleset. This is to prevent people from running Eviolite on Pokemon that should not be able to, like Chansey or Golbat.
**If I decide to ask for run more tours due to lack of turnout, this number may decrease to 1.


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Hello everyone! Thanks to everyone who showed up and played games! For their victories, Ema Skye and Tanny89k will receive 2 bonus votes to their first set of submissions! Huge thanks to DuoM2 for setting up the tour and IceLevelIncarnate for showing up and playing some games!

Onto some meta analysis:

With 0 Dark-types in the tier, this thing runs absolutely wild. Both Specs and Nasty Plot prove to be dangerous sets that rip through slower teams. Chansey and Snorlax serve to check it but must be wary of Focus Blast, and with Tera unbanned, it can probably get around most other tech that tries to wall.


This thing is also pretty scary. Not much can stop this after a couple Dragon Dances, and Band and Bulky sets work pretty well too. Clefable, Snorlax, and Zapdos give it some trouble but with some support it finds great success. Not as broken as the above but very strong still.

:chansey: It does what it does. Even without Eviolite, its special bulk is very important for tanking hits from Gengar and Alakazam and crippling them with Thunder Wave.
:clefable: The premier Fairy-type. With most Steel- and Poison-types gone or are currently bug or snake, Clefable is able to run its normal Clefable sets without much worry, its Calm Mind set being most prominent in this tour. Only thing it really has to watch out for is the one very good Poison-type above.
:snorlax: The bear returns to viability. Its typing and bulk also serves to tank hits from the two special attackers, but Snorlax can cripple them instead by just hitting them. Because this is NatDex (sorry), Return returns to Snorlax's toolset, letting it run Band and Curse sets. Definitely not where it used to be but still pretty good.
:mew:Copen convinced me to unban this. It's pretty alright. It's the one good Spikes setter and is just generally fat.
:slowbro::zapdos:Physical walls. They have their dexited tools back. They're OK.
:ninetales:Sun was indeed run in this tour. Tera-Fire Solar Power Charizard hits pretty hard, but the sun sweepers have a hard time breaking through Chansey and don't appreciate the Thunder Wave all that much.
:jolteon: Our best fast Electric. Cool.
:venomoth: Wasn't in the tour, but Beaf Cultist ran Tera Steel Venomoth. That was pretty funny. glhf versus Chansey or setting up against Gengar, Alakazam, or Dragonite.
^if i said anything weird here lmk

I'm also considering banning Gengar, Alakazam, and Dragonite for the next tour(s). React with a Love react if you think I should and a Sad react if you think I shouldn't.

See you same time tomorrow for another set of tours!
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i forgo

Roomtour is now at 9:00 PM GMT. Sorry for the inconvenience.

EDIT: Also Alakazam, Dragonite, and Gengar will be banned for this tour.
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Here's all the replays from the tour. I accidentally made it double elim, but we got some pretty good data anyways! Tanny89k won again, but they already have 2 points, so I'll just give them 1 more. Gonna also use my mod leader powers to give IceLevelIncarnate and DuoM2 1 bonus point each for being good sports :3 (aka playing in the tours). Thanks to all of you for giving us a better idea of what the meta will currently look like.

Gonna keep this one short. Basically, the meta is a lot fatter and favors fat attackers with good longevity. A lot of utility is scarce and a few types are missing good representation.

Broken Things

Great Things

Good Things
:clefable::slowbro::sandslash::jolteon::magneton::chansey::aerodactyl::starmie: :nidoking:

Okay Things
:machamp::rhydon::blastoise::muk: :tangela:

First slate will open soon! Stay tuned!


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Slate 1:
The Big Three
These three Pokémon instantly proved themselves to be too overwhelming for the current meta. Hopefully slating them will make them more fit for the meta!

:gengar: Gengar (Gholdengo)
  • Must have a signature ability as its ONLY ability (like Good as Gold)​
  • Must have exactly ONE signature move (like Make It Rain)​
:alakazam: Alakazam (Espathra)
  • Must have exactly ONE signature ability (like Opportunist)
  • Must have exactly ONE signature move (like Lumina Crash)
:dragonite: Dragonite (Baxcalibur)
  • Must have exactly ONE signature ability (like Thermal Exchange)
  • Must have exactly ONE signature move (like Glaive Rush)
  • Must have 600 BST

A few things to note about this slate:
  • Power: As stated above, these three Pokémon are currently the strongest things in the meta (bar Mewtwo). I am slating these first in order so that they may be nerfed to the level of the rest of the meta. Although all three will presumably be receiving strong signatures, please balance them accordingly.
  • Typing: I'm mostly going with Clean Slate-level of freedom with these submissions, but I do state you must "keep in mind the original flavor" of the Pokémon. Alakazam is known for its Psychic powers. Gengar steals life force (ig arguable as Dark but whatever). Dragonite has "dragon" in its name. Please keep this in mind as you decide to adjust typings.

With that, you all have a week to put together your submissions. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on Smogon (privately, not in the thread, please) or the Pet Mods discord. I look forward to seeing all of your submissions!

[B]Pokemon:[/B] []
[B]Typing:[/B] [IMG][].png[/IMG][IMG][].png[/IMG]
[B]Abilities:[/B] []
[B]Custom Ability:[/B] []
[B]Stats:[/B] [] / [] / [] / [] / [] / []
[B]Movepool Changes:[/B]
[B]Signature Move:[/B] []
[B]Description:[/B] []
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110/110/75/60/85/60 | 500
ability: soul link (when this pokemon is hit, the attacker gains ghost typing)
+ death grip (ghost, physical), 80 bp, 10 pp, 100% acc, contact, disables the target's pivoting moves
+ pursuit
- all poison moves besides poison jab, sludge bomb, and toxic


100/50/100/100/100/50 | 500
ability: inner focus / synchronize / all-seeing eye (when this pokemon uses a psychic status move it heals for 1/4 max hp)
+ mind bend (psychic, special), 80 bp, 10 pp, 100% acc, removes the target's positive stat boosts before dealing damage
+ heal block
- nasty plot, recover, calm mind
defensive pivot

sorry no submission template forced me to improvise
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formerly I-Deepblue-I
Name: Gengar
Typing: Ghost
Stats: 60/105/60/105/75/100
Ability: Magic Fists
Ability Description: This Pokemon’s punching moves become special and gain a power boost of 1.2x.
New Moves:
Superpower, Spectral Punch.
:minun: Thunderbolt, Focus Blast, Giga Drain, Energy Ball, Nasty Plot, Poltergeist.
Typing: Ghost
Power: 75
Category: Physical
PP: 16
Secondary Effect: None!
(Spectral Punch is flagged as a punching move).

Funky mixed breaker with funny coverage and the ability to hit the main Special walls super effectively with Superpower :P
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Name: Dragonite
Type: Dragon/Flying
Abilities: Inner Focus / --- | Magic Scale (Magic Bounce but only active while the user's at full HP)
Stats: 91/114/95/110/110/80 (600)
Movepool: -Extreme Speed, +Dragon Dash (100 BP, 100 Acc, Dragon, Physical, 16 max PP, lowers Atk by 1, raises Speed by 1)
Description: not really finished yet
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Name: Alakazam
Typing: Psychic
Stats: 80/60/70/114/70/106 | 500 BST
Abilities: Miracle IQ / Synchronize | Analytic (HA)
New Ability Description: User's Psychic-types can hit Dark-type Pokémon for neutral damage.
New Moves: +Psycho Spoons

Psycho Spoons: 40 BP | 90 Accuracy | 16 PP | Special | Psychic-type | Move hits twice (similar to Bonemerang and Dual Chop)
Flavor: The Pokémon uses its telekinetic powers to hit the opponent with each of its spoons. This move hits twice.

Description: A slower, bulkier version of Alakazam that can actually take a hit. Alakazam's Psychic STAB is very spammable thanks to Miracle IQ bypassing their immunity. Psycho Spoon allows it to hit harder than Psychic while also breaking substitutes, at the cost of 10% Accuracy. Alternatively, it can use Analytic to punish switches, though it loses the opportunity to spam Psychic STAB against Dark-types.

Name: Dragonite
Typing: Dragon/Flying
Stats: 96/114/95/114/110/71 | 600 BST
Abilities: Inner Focus / Grand Entrance (HA)
New Ability Description: Lowers the opponent's Special Attack by one stage upon switch in (Intimidate clone)
New Moves: +Dragon Screech

Dragon Screech: 16 PP | Status | Boosts the user's Special Attack and Speed by one stage, but loses 1/8 of its max HP
Flavor: The user releases a screech that boosts its Special Attack and Speed stats but loses a little of its HP

Description: Works as a dual sweeper thanks to its high offensive stats and wide movepool. Its signature ability allows it to easily set up against Special Attackers.
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Ema Skye

Pokemon: Alakazam
Typing: Psychic
Abilities: Synchronize / Inner Focus
Custom Ability: World Tree [When using an HP restoring move, has a 50% chance to not use PP. 100% chance to trigger in Psychic Terrain. Effect is announced when triggered.]
Stats: 55 / 50 / 45 / 125 / 125 / 105
Movepool Changes:
-Nasty Plot​
Signature Move: Spoon Surge [Special Psychic Scale Shot clone]
Description: This rework nerfs zam in a few areas. It turns into a pretty solid special wall (a callback to RBY) and getting extra recovers (it should end up with 12). It does lose its special breaking, which is the worst part of it, by removing both Nasty Plot and MGLO. Speed nerf creates more space for Starmie's rework to exist as a fast Psychic. Abil name is copied from Fire Emblem and im sure theres some mythological reference to it that i dont know.

Pokemon: gengar
Typing: Ghost/Dark
Custom Ability: Unstable Compound [This Pokemon is immune to Ground. Its attack is doubled when using Explosion.]
Stats: 60 / 65 / 130 / 120 / 80 / 100
Movepool Changes:
-Nasty Plot​
Signature Move: Soul Drain [Special Ghost type Bitter Blade clone]
Description: i miss levitate gengar and BOOMgar (also i just love defensive gengar in old gens). this typing turns it into a pretty great defensive piece by giving it immunities to a lot of important moves in the meta (gholdengo moment). Rework plays into this defensive role by neutering its offenses a bit.

might do dnite too idk

:gengar: -> :gholdengo:

Ability: Spine Chilling (On switch-in, summons Snow, disables the first move used on it for 4 turns. Once per battle.)
Stats: 95/40/75/110/75/105 | 500 BST
Movepool Adjustments:
+ Blizzard, Freeze-Dry, Ice Beam, Snowscape
- All Poison moves, Nasty Plot, Thunderbolt
Deathly Chill |
| Special | 110 BP | 70% Acc | 16 PP | 30% chance to flinch. Can't miss in Snow.
Gengar's new Ice typing comes from its dex entries saying how its presence creates chills, lowering the temperature around it by 10 degrees F and causing their prey to shiver, along with some early ones mentioning its hunting grounds being up in the mountains. This serves to buff and nerf Gengar; Ghost/Ice's offensive coverage is wider than its previous STABs, but its a much weaker defensive typing to keep it in check. Its SpA and Spe were slightly nerfed to still be really good, but not as overtuned as they once were for the meta. Its other stats were redistributed to give it some slight bulk, to help it live at least a hit on switch-in and make use of its new ability.

With its ability and new signature move, which is a Ghost-type Blizzard/Thunder/Hurricane clone, this new Gengar is meant to serve as a special sweeper that's a bit more specialized than usual, and wants its team to clean up potential checks and counters before it can be brought out onto the field to wreck havoc. Its ability lets its strongest STAB moves hit without needing set up, and gives it an in against some potential checks if need be thanks to Snow's defensive boon for Ice types. Alternatively, a Choice Specs could be sacrificed for an Assault Vest or Focus Sash to make sure it can come in on slower would-be counters. Its reliance on Snow to let its hardest moves consistently hit, along with only auto-summoning Snow once per battle means lots of consideration needs to be taken on when the best time to bring Gengar in is. But if Gengar is brought in at the right time, it can handily clean up shop and end a game.

:alakazam: -> :espathra:

Ability: Shared Knowledge (Any Pokemon that makes contact with this Pokemon has their ability changed to Shared Knowledge.) / Synchronize / Magic Guard
Stats: 100/50/65/100/120/65 | 500 BST
Movepool Adjustments:
+ N/A
- Amnesia, Calm Mind, Nasty Plot
Psychokinesis |
| Special | 65 BP | 100% Acc | 32 PP | 1.5x damage if foe holds an item. Removes item.
Alakazam's new typing comes from Kadabra's infamous Pokedex entries saying that an ordinary boy with ESP powers woke up one day and had become a Kadabra. This was loose inspiration at best, but much more importantly, its Psychic/Normal combo makes it stand out among Kanto's other notorious Normal walls like Snorlax and Chansey, taking only neutral damage to Fighting moves and getting a Ghost immunity to leave it with only two weaknesses.

And speaking of Normal walls, that's what I decided to try and turn Alakazam into, a special wall with high SpA to break physical walls/wallbreakers. Alakazam's kit already lends it well to being a defensive mon, with access to screens, TWave, Toxic, Recover, and Teleport. With its newfound defensive stats, I removed special stat buffing moves that could easily allow it to snowball, especially with access to Stored Power. If you're looking to run a SP set, you still have access to Barrier to buff your lesser defense stat. Alternatively, it can serve as a Trick Room sweeper thanks to its lowered speed tier.

It's new signature ability and move were both designed with the intent of wallbreaking or checking physically offensive mons. Shared Knowledge is a Mummy clone, but changed to fit Alakazam better flavor-wise. Shared Knowledge can shut down mons with offense-boosting abilities like Technician, Guts, etc. and force them to switch. Psychokinesis is likewise a Psychic and Special Knock Off clone that threatens Leftovers walls and Choice attackers alike, debilitating them with a STAB move that slightly edges out Psychic in power.
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:gengar: Gengar

Type: Ghost / Poison
Base Stats
: 84 HP / 138 Attack / 59 Defense / 95 Special Attack / 59 Special Defense / 115 Speed || 550 BST
Abilities: Phase Out
Movepool Changes
Gengar gains Shadow Steal
The whole line loses Focus Blast, Gunk Shot, Nasty Plot, Phantom Force, Poison Jab, Poltergeist, Shadow Claw and Shadow Punch​

Phase Out (Ability)
When the Pokémon knocks out a target, it slips into the ground, which sharply raises its Defense and lowers its Speed.​

Shadow Steal (Ghost) || Status || -- BP / -- acc / 10 (16) PP
The user mimics the target's last move. For four turns, the target will be unable to use that move. (like targeted Copycat + Disable; should still work on moves that didn't target the user, unlike Mirror Move)

This only has 550 BST because of Gholdengo and also comedic value; it was going to have way less at first but I justified it to myself by using it very suboptimally .w.

This is inspired by a couple of Gengar sets from the past:
- I enjoy it when Gengar is doing more of the kind of tricky utility stuff it sometimes does than straight wallbreaking or sweeping,​
so this gives a spotlight to its SubDisable sets, which are buffed by its higher Speed, higher Attack (for potential Focus Punch or maybe Drain Punch?), and the new Shadow Steal, an upgraded version of Disable that lets Gengar copy the move it's disabling at the same time it takes it away from the opponent. This can be used in some really silly ways, I bet, and you can use it on whatever move you want!​
- Moreover, it doubles as a reference to the incredible STABless mixed Gengar from Gen III and before, if turned a bit on their head by having a physical bias up front - the moves it always used to run are now physical, but only the special side has viable STABs! This is meant to return Gengar to playing with moves like Explosion and its many punches - PuP, Drain Punch, Focus Punch, Sucker Punch and the elemental punches - but still reward it for dipping into its mixed movepool with stuff like Hex or occasionally Sludge Bomb.​
Ghost was originally a physical type back when Gengar was the only one, and Gengar has always been one of the most corporeal Ghost-types anyway, so who says it needs to be a special attacker to live up to its legacy?!

On the other hand, it is harshly discouraged from outright sweeping, both by the loss of its special setup and by its new Ability, Phase Out;
Phase Out is (intentionally) tricky to work with and can sometimes be a hindrance, but it can still be used to the benefit of a Gengar that already has a Substitute up (it gets a free hit regardless of Speed), or it can mitigate the danger of Pursuit if you were already going to switch anyway.
When you get a KO with a frail Pokémon like Gengar, that's generally your opponent's cue to try to bring in an offensive answer (like a Pursuit user, Scarfer or priority user) anyway, so at that point it's possible that the doubled Defense can work in your favor! I'm curious to see how it ends up used and think it could add a cool dynamic, even if it's primarily a hindering effect, and it's the kind of concept I feel like you can only really explore on a Pokémon like Gengar that's both asking to be nerfed offensively and asking to
If it turns out not to need a limiting factor like this in practice, it would be easy to repurpose this to something like Moxie for Defense if needed, but I would really advocate for trying it like this first!
:gastly: Gastly
Type: Ghost / Poison
Base Stats
: 54 HP / 58 Attack / 34 Defense / 65 Special Attack / 34 Special Defense / 85 Speed || 330 BST
Abilities: Long Reach

:haunter: Haunter
Type: Ghost / Poison
Base Stats
: 64 HP / 78 Attack / 44 Defense / 85 Special Attack / 44 Special Defense / 105 Speed || 420 BST
Abilities: Long Reach

I could have left Levitate on these, but I thought Long Reach was funny, because Gastly is infamous for being able to punch without having arms and Haunter's arms are detached from its body P:

:alakazam: Alakazam

Type: Psychic
Base Stats
: 80 HP / 50 Attack / 50 Defense / 110 Special Attack / 110 Special Defense / 110 Speed || 510 BST
Abilities: Galaxy Brain / Inner Focus // Trace
Movepool Changes:
Alakazam gains Brainwave
The whole line loses Focus Blast and Nasty Plot​

Galaxy Brain (Ability)
The Pokémon compares an opposing Pokémon's Attack and Sp. Atk stats before raising its own Defense or Sp. Def stat - whichever will be more effective. (like defensive Download)

Brainwave (Psychic) || Special || 70 BP / 100% acc / 10 (16) PP
The higher the user's Sp. Def stat, the greater the damage this move deals. (like special Body Press)

This one should also be neat, I hope! It's a lot simpler, but:
up front, I wanted Alakazam to do something with Gen I Special because it's kind of iconic, so it was only fitting to give it a special variant of Body Press to start with.
That said, Alakazam doesn't actually have any moves that raise its Special Defense but not its Special Attack, and I sure as heck wasn't going to give it Amnesia or anything crazy like that (this is still supposed to nerf it P:), so I decided its Ability should be something that made boosting its Special Defense possible but not guaranteed.

These are both really common and straightforward effects, but I like the way they combine here, I think! Alakazam can benefit significantly from both Defense boosts (which support Calm Mind sets very well, especially in tandem with Stored Power and Recover), but Special Defense boosts feed more immediately, into the power of Brainwave, letting it do burst damage without even waiting to set up if it comes in on a special attacker using its already-high special bulk.
I also really enjoy when Pokémon have super lopsided bulk like this, so I like that it can get value out of Defense and Special Defense boosts but not in the same way,
and I think it's cool how many of its stats it can invest in, so even the same set of four moves could become versatile and customizable.

Trace might be secondary to Galaxy Brain, but I like it :) It's from the Mega, and it fills a similar purpose to Galaxy Brain adding adaptable defensive utility to Alakazam.
I'm sorry for naming an Ability "Galaxy Brain" but it was the only correct answer here
This Pokémon textually has 5000 IQ
:abra: Abra
Type: Psychic
Base Stats
: 40 HP / 20 Attack / 20 Defense / 90 Special Attack / 60 Special Defense / 90 Speed || 320 BST
Abilities: Synchronize / Inner Focus // Trace

:kadabra: Kadabra
Type: Psychic
Base Stats
: 50 HP / 35 Attack / 35 Defense / 100 Special Attack / 80 Special Defense / 100 Speed || 405 BST
Abilities: Synchronize / Inner Focus // Trace

:dragonite: Dragonite

Type: Dragon / Flying
Base Stats
: 91 HP / 134 Attack / 95 Defense / 95 Special Attack / 84 Special Defense / 101 Speed || 600 BST
Abilities: Lifeguard // Marvel Scale
Movepool Changes:
Dragonite gains Guardian Dive and U-turn​
Also, it can already learn Barrier, but it should get that added to its natural movepool so nothing is incompatible with it or anything
The whole line loses Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Dragon Rush, Dual Wingbeat, Hone Claws, Outrage, Power-Up Punch and Tera Blast​

Lifeguard (Ability)
Boosts the Defense stat when the Pokémon is hit by a Water-type move and blocks the additional effects of Water-type moves.​

Guardian Dive (Flying) || Physical || 75 BP / 100% acc / 10 (16) PP
The higher the user's Defense stat, the greater the damage this move deals.​

I'm sorry for making two Body Press clones in the same slate of the same mod but I swear it's justified here okay--
I went with this effect for Guardian Dive because I thought it would be fun to reimagine Dragonite around running Barrier, like Lance's iconic and notoriously illegal Dragonite from Gen I. (this would become the same thing as a standard Iron Defense/Body Press set, but Dragonite has some really weird stats for it and I think that's kinda neat)
Because its Defense is lower than its Attack, and Guardian Dive is slightly weaker than Dual Wingbeat was before, the fact that Barrier is +2 and Dragon Dance is only +1 is pretty irrelevant here - +2 Guardian Dive only slightly edges out its older setup sets in damage, but the important thing is that it promotes Defense investment instead of Attack investment (forcing Guardian Dive to compete with Extreme Speed for damage, but also giving it more flexibility to be paired with support moves and special moves rather than physically offensive sets) and that Barrier doesn't boost any of its other moves.
The fact that Dragonite trades its old tools like Dragon Dance, DWB, Tera Blast and reliable Dragon STAB for these is meant as a way to tone it down offensively, while pushing it in an interesting direction as an offensive pivot instead of just making it strictly weaker.

Dragonite does keep one particular strong physical STAB move from the Dragon side, but it's one that I think plays against Guardian Dive in an interesting way: Scale Shot, which raises its Speed but also lowers the power of its physical Flying STAB. Running this move is totally optional and it has many viable alternatives, but I like the idea of leaving this option open even though I was limiting its physical movepool, because running a set that can flip between Defense from Barrier and Speed from Scale Shot on a whim sounds cool to me!
Notably, this sub preserves Dragonite's whole offensive movepool other than its physical STABs and offensive setup, which is awesome because that's where Dragonite really shines to begin with! It gets some ridiculous physical coverage and special coverage, and it keeps its defining Extreme Speed, and although it loses out on Dragon Dance, I think U-turn and higher starting Speed are fair compensation and it still has Extreme Speed to work with.

One key factor in adding U-turn was Dragonite's role in using Wrap all the way in Gen I, where the move blocks the opponent from taking an action on the following turn but allows Dragonite to switch out. It acts as a kind of pivoting move in its original incarnation, so I thought it would be fitting to honor that if I was choosing to reimagine Dragonite while moving away from its current setup sweeping roles.
In the context of the sub, pivoting access goes with the aforementioned Scale Shot as well as Dragonite's other best Dragon STAB, Draco Meteor, and it also plays to the strengths of Dragonite's crazy-diverse movepool - U-turn is an easy move to slot into Choice-locked Band sets like Dragonite already runs, but it also has tools like Thunder Wave, Defog, Heal Bell and even screens, and pivoting is a super flexible option that can slot into a set with pretty much any selection of attacks and support moves. Dragonite can pull off some crazy set variety...!

Comparatively, Lifeguard is a pretty minor bonus, but it's inspired by Thermal Exchange; it's a fairly subdued stat-boosting Ability that doesn't drastically swing any matchups, but it rewards taking opportunities to let Dragonite keep its teammates safe from the water (as described in its Pokédex entries, it's best known for rescuing people at sea!) and keeps Dragonite itself completely safe from Scald, which is excellent because it often needs to take measures to protect against burns (like running Lum Berries, Substitute and Heal Bell in various canon games).
It's not expected to let Dragonite come in to answer Water-type attackers in general, but it can definitely come in handy to deal with more defensive Water-types like Vaporeon, Slowbro and maybe Tentacruel.
I really love Multiscale for Dragonite and I think it's kind of iconic on it, buuut... since we've been tasked with making a new exclusive Ability for Dragonite, I wanted to do something different that fit with the other pieces I had set up, and that also meant replacing Multiscale unfortunately. cx This Dragonite's HA is Marvel Scale instead, like its pre-evolutions, which is also almost unique to the Dragonite line but not nearly as likely to overshadow Lifeguard. It's entirely a flavor Ability here, but it sort of plays to a common theme with Lifeguard in turning potential Scald burns into Defense boosts and reinforces that boosting Defense is true to the Dragonite line in general, which I think helps lend cohesion to the sub and keeps it grounded in canon!
:dratini: Dratini
Type: Dragon
Base Stats
: 41 HP / 64 Attack / 45 Defense / 45 Special Attack / 44 Special Defense / 61 Speed || 300 BST
Abilities: Shed Skin // Marvel Scale

:dragonair: Dragonair
Type: Dragon
Base Stats
: 61 HP / 84 Attack / 65 Defense / 65 Special Attack / 64 Special Defense / 81 Speed || 420 BST
Abilities: Shed Skin // Marvel Scale
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Pokemon: Gengar
Type: Ghost / Fighting
Ability: Life Force
Custom Ability: All special moves heal the user by 1/3 of the damage done.
Stats: 70 / 80 / 85 / 95 / 80 / 90 | 500
+ Fist Blast, Close Combat, Drain Punch
- Thunderbolt, Dazzling Gleam
Signature Move: 85 BP / 15 PP / Fighting / 100% Accuracy / Special / Explanation: Has a 20% chance to disable the opponent's last used move.
Description: Gengar is a powerful sweeper with its excellent offensive typing and set-up moves. Its signature ability also gives it longetivity which can help lower the costs of using Life Orb for instance. It also has a reliable Ghost type move for once. However, its speed is only decent, which means it could easily be revenge killed. It's also not very strong without boosts.

Pokemon: Alakazam
Type: Psychic / Steel
Ability: Spiteful Thief
Custom Ability: Any opponent who takes away the user's item has theirs taken away as well.
Stats: 65 / 45 / 95 / 115 / 75 / 110 | 505
+ Steel Beam, Twisted Spoons, Flash Cannon, Aura Sphere
- Focus Blast
Signature Move: 95 BP / 10 PP / Steel / 100% Accuracy / Special / Explanation: Has a 20% chance to confuse the target.
Description: At the cost of speed, power, and high BP Fighting coverage, Alakazam is now slightly bulkier with a solid dual typing. Its ability gives it a nice counteract to Knock Off. It also has a powerful signature move with no drawback. However, its bulk still isn't that good, so it can't take hits too often.

Pokemon: Dragonite
Type: Dragon
Ability: Outmonuver
Custom Ability: Priority moves are given +1 priority.
Stats: 111 / 114 / 95 / 100 / 100 / 80
+ Draco Boost, Double-Edge
- Earthquake, Stone Edge
Signature Move: 50 BP / 20 PP / Dragon / 100% Accuracy / Physical / Explanation: Has +1 priority.
Description: With STAB priority and ability to abuse Tera Extreme Speed, Dragonite is a powerful revenge killer and sweeper, especially combined with Dragon Dance. Its increased bulk allows it to take hits very easily, which makes it hard to take down once it gets going. However, its lack of strong coverage means many Pokemon that resist its STABS like Steel types can easily check it, as long as they can take a Fire Punch.
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Pokémon: Dragonite
Type: Dragon/Fairy
Ability: Dazzling / Sparkler
Custom Ability, Sparkler: Fairy type moves are boosted by x1.2 and has a 30% chance to boost it's speed by +1
Stats: 100/85/105/120/95/95
Move Changes:
+Dazzling Gleam, +Moonblast, +Dragonic Blast,
- Extreme Speed
Signature Move: 90BP / 10PP / Dragon / 90% Accuracy / Special / 30% chance to burn opponent
Justification: Mega Altaria but weaker with a better ability
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Pokemon: Alakazam

Ability: Synchronize / Inner Focus | Letdown
Letdown: When this Pokemon has its one of its stats lowered, the opponent’s stat is lowered by the same amount.

Stats: 55/90/45/125/95/120 [530 BST]
Movepool Changes: +Dig, Mud-Slap, Seismic Wave, -Focus Blast, Nasty Plot
Seismic Wave: 110 BP Special Ground, 5 PP. Uses the user’s highest attacking stat to calculate damage, then lowers that stat by one stage.
Justification: Alakazam with a funky new Opportunist-inspired gimmick ability. Seismic Shock can do some funny things, and 90 Attack isn’t half bad if you want to try running Knock Off to snipe other Psychics.

Pokemon: Dragonite

Ability: Conductive Scales | Multiscale
Conductive Scales: This Pokemon is immune to Electric moves and Paralysis, and its own Electric moves have 1.5x power, at max HP.

Stats: 91/134/95/100/100/80 [600 BST]
Movepool Changes: +Revenge Claw, -Earthquake, Extreme Speed
Revenge Claw: 60 BP Physical Dragon, 10 PP, Contact. This move strikes twice if the user is below max HP.
Justification: EKiller is gone, obviously, but also giving it a strong Dragon STAB gives some relevancy to Clefable, who has really been struggling in the current meta with its lack of relevant resistances. Ability is still a WIP.
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